Eliciting patient preferences on benefits/risks of medicines

PREFER is a 5-year project, partly funded by IMI. It aims to investigate methodologies to elicit informed patient preferences regarding the benefit/risk of drugs, from drug development through the entire life cycle, to inform the decision-making process by regulators and HTA bodies.

Expertise in online learning

MindBytes’ contribution to this project is to use our expertise in online learning to develop an evidence-based e-learning as a methodology for patient preference elicitation and health utility assessment. The educational tool should allow us to:

  • Inform patients about the true trade-offs involved with the benefits-risks associated to medicines, both short term and long term
  • Assess which trade-offs patients make (patient preferences)
Cognitive and behavioral profiles

The complete tool incorporates concepts like Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE), Best-Worst Scaling (BWS) and conjoint analysis. It captures patient’s cognitive and behavioral profiles to allow for stratification in patient sub-groups. It aligns with NICE & Health Economic standards.


Uppsala University
Newcastle University
Erasmus UMC
UMC Utrecht
KU Leuven
European Institute Oncology
Muscular Dystrophy UK
Various other

Find out more on the PREFER website or click on the images below to discover more about the educational tools which MindBytes co-developed.