“If we want prisons to rehabilitate those they hold, we have to give them the tools to do so.”
– Nick Hardwick, CBE, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons

With this tool, we aim to change behaviour and enhance detainees’ coping strategies, by providing a safe virtual environment in which to learn and practice.

Easing the transition from prison back to society

Upon release, as many as 44% of prisoners will end up back in prison. For many, the transition from prison to society is not an easy one. They could benefit from gaining “experience” in a safe virtual environment, beforehand. The first step towards reintegrating prisoners, is to help them gain insight into how the choices and decisions they make in everyday life, can impact those around them, their integration as well as their longer-term future.

Scientifically designed rehabilitation tool

Developed in the frame of a European Project, in collaboration with local prisons and centers for adult education. This game is intended as a prisoner rehabilitation support tool. It aims to create a change in behavior and enhance detainees’ coping strategies, reducing the chance of recidivism, and ensuring a successful reintegration, by providing a safe virtual environment in which to learn and practice.

Realistic scenarios with tangible outcomes

Prisoners are guided through a range of realistic scenarios that might take place upon their release. Throughout the game, they have to overcome practical problems and challenges related to reintegration in society, such as finding employment, ensuring income, solving housing issue, renewed contact with old friends that once led them astray, overcoming financial difficulties, debt and poverty, issues with physical health or constraints in social, leisure and work activities.