Teaching professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to navigate the grey zones of healthcare compliance.

Virtual scenario-based game that can be played in teams during a workshop, to help people develop the competencies needed to work in ethical “grey zones”.

Workshops to develop competencies

Developed in close collaboration with IFPMA, this game has been played in workshops all over the world (South Africa, Sao Paolo, Mexico, Mumbai, Dubai, …). Based on realistic scenarios that would be encountered in their day-to-day job, the game asks the players to organise a World Congress in the lead-up to a new product launch.


It is all about TRADE-OFFs. The players choices and decisions impact on 8 different stakeholders (KOLs, Employees, HCPs, Press, Authorities, Your Supervisor, …) and affect the RISK the company is exposed to, the REVENUE of the company and the TRUST people have in the company.

Capturing data

The game captures data to help us answer some key questions. How do people make trade-offs? Do these change over time? What risks are people willing to take? Do behaviours depend on the profile of the player (function, age, experience)? Are there gaps in understanding?