Healthcare professional-facing serious game:

Theory-driven and evidence-based serious game, offering a safe and interactive virtual setting, where clinicians can engage in on-demand, experiential learning to diagnose rare hematological diseases quicker.

To increase awareness of rare hematological diseases among healthcare professionals (ER physicians), we created a serious game where they learn to correctly diagnose said diseases and save patient lives. This serious game was developed in cooperation with a top 10 pharma company and key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the field. From the development of scientific foundations to the delivery of the final game, development took 1,5 year (including 7+ feedback rounds with the client, KOLs and a validation round with end-users).

Increase awareness of rare hematological diseases

The objective of this serious game is to increase ER physicians:

  • Familiarity with rare hematological diseases.
  • Knowledge of key differentiating symptoms in said diseases.
  • Confidence in diagnosing & referring said diseases.
Co-creation with kols

The approach taken to develop this digital health tool, is:

  • Co-create a theory-driven, evidence-based serious game with leading clinical experts. Co-creation in multistakeholder projects leads to effective addressing of barriers & drivers in the target public.
  • Focus on experiential & game-based learning. Capture physician’s experience in virtual ER world.
  • Balance challenge (time pressure, # pts) with perceived success.
Positive validation
  • Positive qualitative KOL Feedback.
  • Objective already achieved in positive initial validation results (n = 25 ER physicians and specialists):
    • Likely to recommend to colleagues: 9/10 (mean)
    • 96% improved knowledge
    • 16% substantially improved