Healthcare professional-facing copywriting, design and video:

Interviews with pneumologists educate about inaccurate preconceptions and improve therapy prescription, by providing concrete information on patient cases in different settings.

To educate pneumologists about the different use cases of a specific prescribed therapy in lung cancer, we developed several materials: a brochure and a corresponding video. These health-related materials, based on interviews with pneumologists, were developed in cooperation with a top 10 pharma company and key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the field. From the development of the interview guide to the delivery of the final video and brochure, development of one case takes on average 3 months (including 3+ feedback rounds with the client and KOLs).

Educate about existing preconceptions

The objective of these patient case materials (brochure and video interview) is to educate about existing inaccurate preconceptions about a specific lung cancer therapy and improve therapy prescription by pneumologists.

patient case brochure and video

To achieve the objective, two patient case materials were developed:

  • Patient case brochure.
  • Accompanied by a video interview with the treating pneumologist:
    • Strong build-up, explaining the strengths of the product in different settings.
    • Created to break barriers by providing information.
    • Questions & subtitles on-screen (FR – spoken NL).
positive reception and objective achieved

The outcome of these patient cases was very positive:

  • From start to finish in 3 months, incl. 3+ feedback rounds.
  • Developed 4 patient cases, with 4 different uses of the therapy.
  • Well-received by sales reps, as well as physicians.
  • Patient cases worked well and achieved their objective.