Scenarios for patients’ use of electronic medical records.

How can e-MDs be used?

Project investigate how electronic medical records can be used to

  • empower patients to manage their own healthcare
  • improve patients’ health literacy & understanding
  • provide information to guide decision-making
Prototype platform

We developed a prototype that grants patients access to their EHRs, based on the findings of an unmet need and driver-barriers analysis, and a series of qualitative and quantitative interviews, surveys and advisory boards with patients and GPs.  It was presented to representatives of the Belgian Health Ministry, in the frame of “Actieplan 10”.

Powerful collaboration

This project was realised with the support of iMinds. The resulting prototype was created by Mindbytes in partnership with Kaltholieke Universiteit Leuven, Christelijke Mutualiteiten (CM), Academic Centre for General Practice (ACGP), EBMPracticeNet, CEBAM, HealthConnect, Corilus, ICRI, Mintlab, ESAT-STADIUS.