Evaluates key mental healthcare policies across Europe, to guide future policy setting.

We assisted a client with a variety of tools to chart and evaluate the current mental healthcare landscape across Europe. Development included a wide range of smaller projects, from mapping patient pathways, to charting the mental healthcare landscape, to monitoring the governing dynamics and evolution over time.

Expertise approach

Our tools and approach resulted in a comprehensive overview and assessment of the governing mental healthcare policies in 5 key European countries. This enabled us to assess best practices and to issue recommendations towards future policy setting.

Mental health policy tool

Evaluates and visualizes key mental health care policies across europe. The Grid depicts the various policy clusters, their policy focus, key policy papers as well as other aspects that need to be considered in policy-making.

Driver charting tool

Focusing on drivers and combining important aspects for social care, healthcare and family caregivers, we were able to extract the main determinants. These were situated in the fields of quality, functioning, responsibility, supply and enforcement.