A quality meter and dashboard that visualizes key data, collected from multiple hospitals across the country.

Both tools aim at creating an easy online tool for registration, reporting, report extracting and visualisation. They operate in real-time for tracking, reporting and further analysis. 

  • The quality meter is an online tool to register and report (KPI) data of patients and healthcare professionals. 
  • The dashboard visualizes data in an intuitive and attractive way.

An online registration, reporting and visualisation tool. The dashboard is connected with a database and 4000 team members log their activities in the nursing sector (<40 000 patients) via this application. Approved by and compliant for Dutch Authorities​.

Role of MindBytes
  • Development of the blueprint for the KM/Dashboard​
  • Programming in online website: ​
    • Front-end programming​
    • Backend programming (database, calculations​)
    • Database connection
    • Report extraction tool​
  • Maintenance + server hosting of tool

Sensire has implemented the “KwaliteitsMeter” in November 2010. Quickly, the teams experienced it as interesting and nice as they immediately see the results of the work they’ve done and the results of action improvements that they’ve launched. In a simple way they can measure the quality and because of that they can spend more time/attention to the customer.


The quality meter (KwaliteitsMeter) was developed from 2009 till 2011 in cooperation with Harrewijn & Partners and customer Sensire. In 2013 an additional dashboard was developed containing data from quality meter and other databases​.

Informed decisions

Our added value lies not only in the in-depth understanding and organization of raw data, but also in the creation of comprehensible and visually attractive tools and dashboards that enable the customer to make informed decisions.

Technical characteristics

Online (PhP, MySQL), automatic update (daily), linked with 2 different databases, inuitive, action plan.