Maybe you have read it in a newspaper… Maybe you have heard it on the radio…

After a year of hard work and intense feedback rounds, we announce- with pride and joy- the launch of the SP-Reflex website!

The SP-Reflex was created in collaboration with VLESP (the Flemish Expertise Centre for Suicide Prevention) and is the online tool based on their evidence-based guidelines, oriented to caregivers who encounter suicidal persons.

The SP-Reflex contains animated videos that clarify the theoretical background on suicidal behaviour. Apart from that, 4 interactive e-learnings have been developed to get familiar with the guidelines, including additional exercises that test the gathered theoretical knowledge on a practical situation. Suicidal behaviour is a difficult subject. Through these tools we hope that caregivers are able to cope better in different situations.

We have participated in a great collaboration and gained a lot of knowledge, which resulted in a whole new set of creative skills.

Consequently, we are very proud of the final result!(and of the fact the project appeared on the frontpage of the newspaper)

Feel free to take a look and let us know what you think!


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