One of our strong points is delving into complex things and making them digestible. Over the years, we’ve developed:

  • Tools to explore and chart complex systems and their underlying dynamics
  • Models to facilitate simulations and analysis of possible scenarios
  • Dashboards to visualize impacts or performance in an intuitive manner

These have been used to:

  • guide policy makers in the development of informed policies;
  • help organizations track, benchmark, assess or improve performance;
  • guide health-economic assessments for drug development and evaluation;
  • help hospitals optimize stock, staff cooperation, resource use and performance.

What Makes Our Dashboards and Tools Unique?

Our added value lies not only in the in-depth understanding and organization of raw data, but also in the creation of easy to understand and visually attractive models and dashboards that enable you to make informed decisions. We employ novel approaches that make use of publically available software and platforms, so that clients can easily exploit the tools further after their initial use, in a cost-effective manner.

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For examples of our policy tools & dashboards, see here.