Hi, I am Ella! Nice to meet you! Next week I will start my last year of the master of biomedical science. During this year, I will be working on my thesis at Mindbytes.

For this project, I will develop an interactive serious game to address the psychosocial burden associated with breast cancer.  The tool will aim at positively impacting the life of the patient and her caregivers by simulating the impact of their decisions on emotional, psychosocial and clinical parameters in a virtual setting. As breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, I truly believe in the need as well as the opportunity to improve the lives of these women.

From the day of my introduction visit, I immediately felt very welcome in the MindBytes team and I’m happy to work closely together over the course of my thesis project.

Today, Geert and I will kick off the project with our Canadian colleague Connor. I am excited to start this adventure and gain some work experience!


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