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  Hi, I am Ella! Nice to meet you! Next week I will start my last year of the master of biomedical science. During this year, I will be working on my thesis at Mindbytes. For this project, I will develop an interactive serious game to address the psychosocial burden associated with breast cancer.  The tool will … Read More


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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Had a great time at the Kokerij for our annual team activity! Once a year, all colleagues from Mindbytes and ISMS come together for a great after work evening… This time we were sure we were gonna eat some good food, it was all in our hands ;). … Read More


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SP-REFLEX… WE DID IT! Maybe you have read it in a newspaper… Maybe you have heard it on the radio… After a year of hard work and intense feedback rounds, we announce- with pride and joy- the launch of the SP-Reflex website! The SP-Reflex was created in collaboration with VLESP (the Flemish Expertise Centre for … Read More

MaRS Innovation Partnership

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MindLab recently participated in the MaRS Innovation Partnership: Procurement by Co-Design program, a new initiative that enables Ontario healthcare providers to procure technology solutions within a collaborative design challenge model. MindLab was excited to be shortlisted for 2 out of its 3 proposals and was therefore invited to attend a pitch and dialogue day in-person … Read More


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We are excited to announce that we have recently expanded to North America and are operating under the company name MindLab, based in Edmonton, AB, Canada. On September 15th we attended a local exhibition on gaming, TechStock 2016, to launch our new company. We had a small exhibit setup to communicate our innovative services and … Read More


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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 With the weather gods on our side, we enjoyed a beautiful day with our colleages, partners and kids. We were offered delicious appetizers and dinner by Pasado, who cooked paella and stoofvlees in big pans, the sight alone was … Read More


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CHECK OUT OUR NEW OFFICE While people are working hard on reconstructions of our office building, they put us in a safe place where we won’t go crazy or become deaf. We’re already feeling at home in our new temporary office! But we’re also looking forward to our new renovated space… SEE MORE BLOG POSTS


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Together with our colleages from ISMS, we had a great day at the Knowlegde For Growth symposium, organised by FlandersBio. We met a lot of interesting people and companies, who are ambitious to improve people’s lifes, just like us… Very inspiring day! BACK TO ALL BLOGPOSTS


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The Easter bunny came by the office and dropped off some chocolate eggs for everyone! Yummy!!! Some people got to the office late and some people were very hungry… So this almost ended very bad 😉


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Congratulations Joke! This month marks your 3rd year with us. During the time you have worked with us, you have significantly excelled in creativity. We thank you for your enduring loyalty and diligence. Enclosed is a gift certificate to help you celebrate this wonderful occasion. We wish you happiness and success now and always.