Yes! Serious Games are games that are made for purposes other than entertainment. They can be used for education, to improve health, to help change behaviors, and can even be used in research studies to collect data. When designed well, they can create emotionally meaningful experiences for the user1 that have an sustained impact long after playing.

In it’s most basic form, a serious game guides the user through a storyline and challenges her to solve a problem or to make decisions at key points in the story. The game provides feedback on how the user’s choices impact on a variety of outcomes and stakeholders, either through scores & rewards or by branching the storyline into a particular direction.

Why Serious Games?

Studies have shown that serious games have special features that can shape attitude and behaviour2, that can persuade3 and that can provide valuable opportunities for learning4. They allow people to gain new knowledge by exploring a virtual environment and simulating daily activities in a realistic but safe way. Serious games can also stimulate feelings of immersion and presence5. Immersion may contribute to the amount of information acquired, skills developed and subsequent transfer of knowledge to real environments6 while presence may increase motivation and provide a more engaging experience7. Although the majority of serious games focuses on instruction, skill development, or persuading behavior changes, the format is also well-suited to encourage ethical reflection8.

Is it Scientifically Sound?

MindBytes’ Serious Games are developed in collaboration with partners from Industry, Academia as well the Health Care sector. Our development process uses validated scientific methodologies and approaches. Where possible, we subject our games to clinical trials to demonstrate their effectiveness at reaching the desired (clinical) outcomes.

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MindBytes' approach towards serious game development employs a scientifically rigourous approach towards constructing real-life scenarios.

Can Serious Games Capture Data?

Yes! This is one of the unique strengths of our Serious Gaming Platform. It contains an algorithm-based engine that can capture information about the player’s cognitive and psychosocial profiles and gaming behaviors (decision-making behaviors, gameplay, strategy). This enables our clients to carry out more in-depth research and analysis of user data. These capabilities are currently being used to assess patient preferences in drug development, to gain insight into ethical behaviors and to assess how children process and cope with peri-operative pain.

To find out more about our range of serious games, click here. If you’d like to discuss how serious games can be used to achieve your specific objectives, you can contact us here.

How Can MindBytes SERESTM Serious Games Benefit Me or My Organization?

Attractive visuals & recognizable real-life scenarios help motivate and engage learners

SERESTM Provides Insight
Intuitive visualization & fast feedback helps generate a deeper understanding of the concepts as well as the impact of certain choices & behaviors

SERESTM Empowers People
Hands-on experience gained in the safe learning environment of the game empowers people long after the game, when they go out into the field on their own.

SERESTM Stimulates Interaction
Not just suitable for individual play, Serious Games can be done in workshops and group settings to stimulate learners to interact, learn from one another & gain insight in various perspectives.

SERESTM Changes Behaviors
SERESTM helps engrain behaviors that positively impact organisational performance or key clinical, social or psychological outcomes.

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